Hello all!

I am very pleased to announce the launch of our Midwest-wide fashion and lifestyle website. I’m Ellen Lawson, creator of the Minneapoline street fashion blog, graphic designer, street style photographer published in NYLON, Essence, Lucky, Glamour.com, Star Tribune, and Vita.mn. I started my street style blog, The Minneapoline, in 2006. Throughout those years of documenting style in MSP, I feel my style sense has developed along with the rest of the area. All of a sudden, we have nationally-recognized bloggers, beauty experts, and shops. Yet, the preconception of the flyover states is that of years past. This new website will show style in the Midwest as it hasn’t been showcased in a comprehensive way before. By digging around a little, The Flyover will expose the natural beauty, creativity, diversity, and new modernity of this rarely-displayed part of the country.

However, we also have a realistic view of our part of the country. In addition to being laudatory, we also hope to be aspirational. A guide for those of us who were taught practicality and thrift over true style. There is a way to embrace all of these things equally, and we’ll help each other with that! We hope to take style enthusiasts off the road of throw-away fashion, and show the practicality of the well-made.

It’s important to be inspired by things or places that have been overlooked. Because that is the essence of creativity.

We hope with this website, residents will fall in love all over again with their Flyover. We also hope to show people who have never ventured here, that there is a lot of style in this place. You just have to dig a little.

Our team:

Ellen Lawson: Executive Editor and Minneapolis Editor

Natalie Gallagher: Kansas City Editor

Amy Gee: Chicago Editor

Lacy Brunette: Iowa Editor

Maggie Lamaack: Contributor

Lauren Neal: Contributor

Leslie Plesser: Contributor


If you live in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana or Ohio, we are currently looking for editors and contributors from those areas. Hit me up: ellen@theflyover.com