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At Just 23 years old, Irv Briscoe is a part of a new crop of young entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities. In the almost three years since it was founded, his digital agency VON91 has scored some major indie credible accounts, like growing LA/NYC fashion boutique Creatures of Comfort, style-forward New York men’s label UNIS, and Well Spent, a cost- and style-conscious menswear blog.

With his classic-with-an-edge style sense and his collected yet amiable demeanor, it’s clear that Irv is an inherently modern breed of web developer. Social, savvy, and confident. Ask him if these LA/NYC accounts are hesitant to work with a Midwest agency, and Irv frowns at me and thinks. “No, it’s never been an issue”. Moxie to the max. Obviously, great work is great work no matter where you are. Looks like I needed some schooling.




EL: How did you get your start in the industry?
IB: I got my start in the industry about six years ago as a designer and front-end web developer at the city of Brooklyn Park, MN.

What does VON91 do primarily?
We’re a Digital Agency delivering design, strategy and web development for the masses.

What does VON91 provide that a bigger agency or firm maybe couldn’t?
Being small is our biggest advantage. It allows us to be nimble and accepting of new concepts, methodologies and development languages. We think of the end user throughout each project’s life cycle and are able to quickly implement improvements that strengthen the finished product.




It seems you work with a lot of fashion-related companies and brands. Is this an interest of yours?
I’m a bit of a fashion geek. It’s a fascinating industry and I’m a sponge, soaking up as much knowledge while working with some of my favorite brands and designers. We work with brands and companies in industries such as high-end audio, real estate and IT infrastructure to say the least but fashion and lifestyle brands take up the bulk of our clientele.




How do you keep up with current fashion trends to keep on track with your clients?
We keep an open line of communication with our clients. In most cases they share what they’re putting together for an upcoming show, line or season which helps us stay ahead of the ball. It also doesn’t hurt to have Well Spent, a popular menswear blog as a client. We’ve worked with Brad on countless projects including a rebuild of Well Spent itself a year ago.

Clothing pick from one of your clients?
I absolutely love Unis’s Navy Raglan Varsity Jacket. I have a few of their chinos which I’m getting hemmed soon. I’ve heard rave reviews on them and can’t wait to try ‘em out.




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